Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tibia Bot NG 9.81

Click "Start" on your Windows taskbar and select "All Programs" by either clicking it or hovering over it for a second. Navigate to "Tibia" and click it to expand the folder. Click the "Tibia" program within the folder to launch the game client.

Click "Start" again and choose "All Programs," this time looking for "TibiaBot NG," clicking the folder. Select "TibiaBot NG" within the folder to launch the bot. Do not launch "Tibia" before launching the bot, only after.

Wait while TibiaBot NG loads and the title at the top of your "Tibia" window will change to "TibiaBot NG" after it loads. Select "Options" in the "TibiaBot NG" window to see the list of cheats available and select the ones you'd like.

Press "F12" to hide the TibiaBot NG window. Press "F12" again to pull the window back up.